Sunday, 16 December 2012

New Life Drawing Model

It was really challenging going from being use to drawing the female figure and shape to then drawing a man. At first i was still in that frame of mind and drawing the figure like a woman which took a while to get out of it. Its really helped to give me experience with drawing different people and gives me a variation of models to put in my portfolio. I prefer drawing with simple lines and shading becuase if i start to do more i always seem to make it look too heavy and it all blurs into one. I need to practice a lot more with shade and using it with depth and foreshortening. The first three were my first drawings which didnt go well, the basic shapes are okay but i dont like the tone i used or shading. I think i worked well with the foreshortening in the first picture although i could of made the foot bigger and used the tone of shading the help with the depth of the image.

Sculpture: A Rakes Progress

In 3D to finish this project off we were told to make a piece based on A Rakes Progress using one of the skills we have learnt this term. I knew i definitely wanted to try using plaster more as i liked the raw effect it created in the casting sessions. The first artist i thought of that works in a more organic and raw way was Rebecca Warren, after seeing her work at the Saatchi Gallery i really like how the female figure was exagerated to look overly sexualised that it almost made it comical even though it was touching on the subject of sexism and feminism. Although she uses clay and not plaster i feel the outcome can look quite similar.

From this idea i wanted to work from the tavern scene with the prostitutes surrounding Tom. I wanted to use the way that the prostitutues arent main characters and seem to blur into one as theyre not seen as important or as actual people with their own stories. I wanted to choose a part of the body that they would be noticed by but gives them anonymaty and seem more like an abstract object.


After making the basic shape with chicken wire i used skrim and plaster to build over it, i liked the effect it created when parts werent fully filled in and there were holes to see the chicken wire inside. Next lesson i need to make the other leg and decide what position i want the legs to be in and how to keep them in that position as theyre quite heavy. Also i want to exagerate the shape more by adding more plaster in certain parts.