Monday, 11 November 2013

New Stuff (Kind of Old Stuff)

Ive been feeling kind of lost at uni because its such an independent course and ive not been too sure where to start. So i thought the best place to start was to revisit what i find interesting, previous work, i do feel im circling a bit but i think if it helps me to just get started then thats just fineeee

Looking through a lot of my old work i looked a lot at texture and the movement the texture creates, i found these old pictures that were just a quick experiment and that at the time i only really saw the sound element that i liked. But from re visiting it ive realised i really like how the plastic seems to disperse and blur the edges of the skin and almost disguise it into the white background, also helps that im almost pure white...

I want to try this effect on the face but with a better white background and lighting. I still do really like the sound element of the material and how low tech it is. Weve been given a video project and i think this in particular is what made me re visit the videos i made and how i could develop those further.