Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Alternative Miss World Initial Ideas

After watching Andrew Logans A British Guide to Showing Off  i noted down main themes i noticed, other than the ones given such as Void or Earth, i mainly noticed the theme of gender and sexuality, what defines gender and the spectrum between male and female. The view of the female body is seen in more of a humorous and cheeky way and the body is accentuated and almost celebrated as art rather than something to be covered. It made me think about how i define the term 'female' and 'male' and the people inbetween who merge these terms and become something new.

When i did A Rakes Progress i went to make a quick sculpture from the initial idea of A Rakes Progress focusing on the prostitues, i noticed how those characters were always in the background and never seemed to be a main character almost as though they were props or objects in the composition. Howeverrrrrrrrr this project went on way longer than i thought it would because i got caught up in using plaster and the effects it gives. But from this it gave me ideas and followed on well to alternative miss world with the idea of femaile sexuality and gender.

These arent recent pictures from my new sculpture, my newer ones are a lot more heavy handed and exagerated like Rebecca Warrens work using clay. The way i make the sculptures is also kind of how i draw in life drawing.

I researched into the subjetc matter of her sculptures which originally came from Robert Crumbs cartoon sketches which were quite offensive and harsh. He worked from American mainstream and his 'ideal woman' but then again in a lot of his drawings he would draw the men small and weak compared to the women.

I want to carry on with this theme of female sexuality an identity, my first idea if i were to make a costume would be to make an everyday object into a costume to show the objectification of women, with it being made into a theatrical humorous costume it would show the attitude most people have towards sexist comments and jokes and abuse women can get in the streets for the way they look.