Monday, 12 August 2013

Imme Van Der Haak

Ernesto Neto

I remember seeing one of these images during my research for the FMP but couldnt find out who it was by. It really relates to the work I was doing and is another avenue my idea could of gone down to make it more interactive which was my first intention for my work but you always somehow stray from that.



First post in a while...I know I really should have carried this on straight from leaving college so I dont fall out of the habit of doing it. Plus it'll make the transition to uni a bit easier on me. But saying that Ive completely forgotten about my blog until I remembered that we get a pre course summer project to do! We have to visit a minimum of 3 exhibitions and write a 500 word essay on our favourite, seeing as I recently went to The Nottingham Contemporary and The New Art Exchange Im going to visit 1 more. I did plan on going to Prism again at the Tramlines Festival in Sheffield but got completely lost and couldnt find it anywhere! Ive been having a look around online to see whats on and what looks interesting, some of them arent till later on in the year but I do plan on going to see them.

Geoffrey Farmer
Lets Make The Water Turn Black

Bill Ming
Out Of Da Wood

Haroon Mirza