Monday, 12 August 2013


First post in a while...I know I really should have carried this on straight from leaving college so I dont fall out of the habit of doing it. Plus it'll make the transition to uni a bit easier on me. But saying that Ive completely forgotten about my blog until I remembered that we get a pre course summer project to do! We have to visit a minimum of 3 exhibitions and write a 500 word essay on our favourite, seeing as I recently went to The Nottingham Contemporary and The New Art Exchange Im going to visit 1 more. I did plan on going to Prism again at the Tramlines Festival in Sheffield but got completely lost and couldnt find it anywhere! Ive been having a look around online to see whats on and what looks interesting, some of them arent till later on in the year but I do plan on going to see them.

Geoffrey Farmer
Lets Make The Water Turn Black

Bill Ming
Out Of Da Wood

Haroon Mirza

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