Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Saturate, Solarize and Colour Balance

I've tried some stuff from Joey Holders practice like using computer software and the desktop as a canvas for my photos which i quite like. The others ive just over saturated and solarized to look really hyper aesthetic and over done so the colours look obviously edited, however ive sharpened some of the textures from clothing to bring it back to the organic body related texture. I love on some of them you can see bits of fluff and hair, i love the gross little details! My hair gets in most of my sculptures so ive just started leaving them in...

Tuesday, 4 February 2014


Joey Holder

Jonathan McCabe

into the colorflow from Jonathan McCabe on Vimeo.

'Three processes interact to make this animation. A spontaneous differentiation due to a multi-scale Turing instability causes the development of dots and lines of various colors. Each color is also a movement, leading to a compressible flow which smears and obliterates the dots and lines. The third process is an overall exponential growth or inflation. Small structures expand, and the Turing instability causes sub-structures to form.'

Jin Han Lee

Usually i really hate paintings, canvas, landscapes and just paint in general but i really love these. I love how futuristic they look and mix abstract with realist images of natural landscapes.

Ben Wheele

Bernhard Willhem

Joey Holder

Mary Katrantzou and Joey Holder Mash Up

I was recently told about Joey Holders work just on the basis that her use of pattern and texture seemed to be similar to mine, it wasnt till i read a few descriptions that i found a lot of her context relates to me too although hers is a lot more technical. The basis of her work is looking at the correlation between organic and artificial forms using a series of abstractions to create hybrids. Her work looks deeply into subjects of biology, nanotechnology and natural history creating fragmented patterns that clash against automated representations, each trying to grab the viewers attention.I love her use of hyper anestheticisation and creating a parallel between the forms she uses.

Her work is a mix of sculpture, painting, graphics and video and ive fallen in love with the way she mashes them up together in such a clever way. My work recently has been looking a lot more into this idea of mixing natural forms with artificial to create a blurred line and make a new formless shape that has some hints of recognition. A small quote i took from her website has helped me understand my own work a little better, ' it may suggest some particular function or form but remains elusive through odd displacement'. I like the idea of the function of the formless shape to be hard to pin down and to recognise if its fictional or a highly detailed image of something not many people understand. Which for myself, ive found that ive been doing this with Joeys work, i can never truly tell whats been manipulated or just a process of real layered images.

she eludes to the idea of technology in a way id like to also try, instead of presenting images on a canvas or blank screen, she creates screen shots showing open windows on familiar well known programs.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Harrison and Wood Live Lecture

These are a couple of videos i took in the lecture, they arent too clear so ive taken some from youtube. By far my favourite is 3 legged!

Projections + Reflections, moving freckles and skin

Super Normal Pattern

Since the beginning of my course at Notts Trent and being introduced to the idea of super normal, i feel it has really connected with what i do and has given me something i can latch onto and develop. Ive become really obsessed with taking pictures and videos of altering the body, i must have 100s of random pictures that make no sense on my phone! Ive started using this app that allows me to focus on textures and patterns in a very detailed way, it then creates these amazing patterns from everyday things and creates the 'supernormal'. So far im not sure as to what ill use these for as its quite different to what i usually do, ive used a mirror effect on my webcam before to then create drawings from which worked quite well.

For these pictures ive used my hands, arms, hair, face and my cat and birds...