Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Craig Fisher, Up To No Good

I went to see Craigs exhibition opening last night at ncn Lace Market Gallery for 'Up to no good' and I really enjoyed it, the colours and materials were really striking and bold but also really decorative from the use of pattern and materials. The work was about the relationship between sculpture and painting, he uses themes of violence and explosions through craft based processes making the pieces seem more humorous and kitsch. It wasnt till i read the website descriptions that i found out the small sculptures were crafted 'bombs' with really precise and clean stitching.

Printing Images Into Sculpture

I wanted to try some ideas Rachel De Joode has done within her work. However I used ordinary paper and the water in the plaster made the ink bleed out from the kaleidoscope images I made. I like the contrast that was created between the surfaces, more so in the first one using the image on an outer area rather than inner.

Moving On Workshops, Ella McCartney

I recently had my moving on workshop which was about translating 3D to 2D. We tried scanning and photocopying objects we brought then layering them and re- scanning them to alter the image.

Some Latex Things

These were some of the practices I made for printing with latex for my show and listen, they worked out quite well but this was on a much smaller scale than I wanted. I also created a latex mould of a cast I made of shoes and a cardigan, I did want to re use the mould to create a new shape but it didnt work and ended up setting the mould into the plaster too. Ive create a plain flat mould of a flat jumper cast to maybe create a larger sheet.


These are the entries I submitted for 5 squared, non worked out the way I wanted! One I did completely wrong so ripped off the image to start again but I actually like how it changed the picture so stuck it back down. I changed some of the colours too using markers. Over all im pleased how they turned out and I have my work in my first ever show!


I made these screen grabs because i wanted to print them onto fabric for the show and listen, however i dont have the money for it to be professionally printed and i tried printing using latex as ive done it before but was really hit and miss and i didnt like it on a large scale. So instead im just going to print in either a2 or a1 a few of the screen shots on paper. 

I wanted the process i put the images through to be shown and how i manipulated them into patterns and shapes. I wanted to make them look almost like landscapes or planets with the altering layers and recognizable textures. I liked the idea of using the software as a platform for the images instead of a blank canvas as it alludes to technology combined with natural textures such as skin and grass. I wanted really hyper aesthetic images that were clashing and quite unnatural looking till you looked closely at the details of texture and pattern. I also wanted to translate my 3d into a 2d form and see how this effected the perception of the images and whether it changed how people viewed them. Im really interested in the ways in which we consume information and how this filters or exaggerates what we're reading. This theme of translation fits in well with my focus on process and the ephemeral states it creates that i can capture with my camera.