Sunday, 17 March 2013

Cellotape Leg Cast

So on friday i wanted to use my cast to make a mould from. I put soap on the insides of the cast so it would hopefully make it easier to pull it out, i layered scrim and plaster inside to make it strong. As i soon found out we had made the cast too thick which was making it hard to pull off, i had to chisel and carve down the plaster and pull up the scrim as i went along. It took us all morning and most of the afternoon to actually get it off! Next time I'll definitely make the cast thinner...
I was surprised how well it worked as i thought i wouldve ruined most of the detail by trying to get the cast off but it actually picked up my jeans and the tape wrapped around my legs. I like that if someone were to look at my cast without knowing what i used theyd be confused to what the smooth parts were. Jon said it reminded him of the bodies in Pompeii, it has a completely different feel to it if its left just as a cast.

When i was taking off the cast some parts came off more intact than others so i wanted to experiment with reusing these casts as theyd look more abstract and worn than the original. The cast from the foot had been pulled wider so the piece that came from it didnt look like a foot anymore, i liked the idea of it coming from a broken part of the cast but the outcome i didnt like.

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