Saturday, 5 October 2013

Scavenging Challenge Part 1

So for this challenge we were given a list of random themes to follow such as collect things that are circular or collect things that look like clues. We were split into teams of 3 and given maps to walk around Nottingham collecting items we could find trying not to cross the boundary between collecting and stealing...

When we started we found it really hard, most items were just actual rubbish like food packets or bottles. Other stuff like leaves and conkers which i didnt really find that interesting. We walked past a broken washing machine but some men took it away plus we though it was a bit too far until we saw teams taking road signs and cones which we thought we definitely shouldnt be doing! Luckily we found some men who were throwing out a washing machine although it was very rusty and falling to pieces. We also collected things like sand bags and planks of wood.

I was actually really amazed at some of the items people had found, stuff that i definitely wouldnt consider rubbish such as chairs and teddies that were in really great condition. We were then given the task to assemble what we had found into one big pile that everyone could then use as a resource. There was some really amazing stuff like metres of blue pipe, beds and wooden crates. 

We tried out a few ways, although we had no theory behind what we were doing, it was really nice just to work freely with materials and not limit ourselves to what we could do and why we were doing it which can be a bit restricting.

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