Sunday, 27 October 2013

Scavenging Challenge Part 2

For the second part of the scavenge challenge we had to re use the material we found and to then create something based around the word curate. When i think of the word curate i usually think of displaying a work that in some way enhances it or gives it a different feel in which ever place its presented. As we only had a designated space to work with we tried a few things out and tried not to be too precious about making it look appealing. We tried different things on a list we were giving such as piling it, collating it, organising it etc. I really enjoyed this task a lot more than the first as i had some ideas on where to go after thinking about previous tasks. 

I liked how piling the work work turned out as it created layers making you able to look through the top and see through each. It also flowed quite well allowing viewers to walk around the piece and look inside.

My favourite and the one we settled on was where we decided to make a vaguely recognizable structure creating walls with boards and glass. We created a slanted roof with 2 planks and put household items inside such as a washing machine, chairs. It worked really well as it lead you around the outside as though it was a path around a house and you could look through the glass inside. However we did leave a few random objects around which we should have cleared away as it was really distracting and the viewers found it quite confusing. 

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