Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Life Drawing

So it poured it down today! We did our life drawing outside this lesson sat over looking the rooftops of construction and it was only raining slightly so everytime i made a mark with my pen the rain would land on my paper and make it bleed out but it had a nice effect. I was getting frustrated drawing buildings as it ment i had to draw quite graphic and straight edge lines which i cant do! So i tried drawing the fence with ivy growing around it which went better but i couldnt draw into great detail.

We moved inside when the rain started coming down and went into 2D to try drawing the skeletons with fabric around. I tried to focus more on using light and heavy mark making to create more depth and also wanted to try cross hatching which i saw in Leonardo Da Vincis painting i researched yesterday as it had good curves and dimension to it.

I think my use of depth went better than my last life drawing lesson as i tried to made the back darker going lighter towards the front. The ribcage i feel works quite well however the rest around it make it seem lost so i need to make more precise lines. I tried more with cross hatching which i felt worked well on the skull and bottom of the spine as it creates curves and makes the object seem more 3D.

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