Saturday, 22 September 2012

Experimenting with Clay

My first 3D lesson back from the holidays! We looked at the properties of clay and how it performs when changing certain things. The task was to build a sculpture as tall as possible to see how the clay reacts, the first was just solid clay and did not allow me to build it high because of the structure of it. The best and strongest form to build in is a triangular shape as the base spreads the weight and force.

We next tried strengthening the structure using wire inside to build the clay around. This worked better as i could put a thinner layer of clay on allowing me to build it higher. We also tried coiling where we rolled the clay into long thin shapes and coiled them around to build it up. This was a stronger structure but once i got to a certain height it started to squash the shape, also they clay started to dry and cracked.

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