Saturday, 24 November 2012

Fixing the Body Casts

From last weeks lesson we were planning on making casts of everyone in the class and then position them along the corridors of Oscroft, we played around with where to put them and where they look best. I think they look quite daunting and scary lining the hallways and standing at the top as though they are watching you. The colour of them kind of blends into the walls like ghostly figures dissapearing through walls, i think it works really well and i dont really want to change them or clean them up too much. Some people were suggesting we make face casts to place above the bodies but i think this would take away their anonymaty and give them more of a living presence which would make them less effective i think.
After this we just needed to fix the casts that had loose parts, some of the areas with less scrim on were weak and needed more work on them to strengthen them and

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