Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Updated Costume Design

This costume lesson i tried to refine my sketches and ideas for my jumper to try to create a final design to work from. I mainly got my ideas from this picture i took in the ballgown exhibit in The V&A. I want to use similar techniques on the sleeves using lace layered over other material.          

My idea was to put the lace at the tops of the sleeves so i would cut the sleeves off entirely from the jumper and make new ones.

These were my second designs to get a better image of it as a jumper. I think i want to leave the jumper quite loose and baggy to make it more modern rather than the tight corsets worn of the time. I then want to cut the sleeves off and create new 3/4 length ones using a light see through pale material That are tight at the top baggy around the elbow and tight at the bottom. The i would like to put lace from the shoulder seam down to about ahlfway to the elbow but with lace that has a cut out shape rather than a straight edge just to exagerate the tight top half of the sleeve. I may try to embroider or free stitch a floral pattern in a V shape which was commonly used on corsets of the time to match with the lace on the sleevs.

This is my jumper so far, all i have done is cut out the neckline but once i sewed the seam to neaten it it made the edge go wavy but i think this made a nice effect. I then pleated a netted material in strips and sewed it around the neckline. i have also sewn elastic into the waist so the top stays quite loose and baggy but fitted at the waist. 

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