Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Life Drawing

A few of my life drawing sketches from today i mainly tried to focus on sketching in the proportions and shapes of the body as quickly as i could to then focus on the detail. I found it challenging when the model would be sitting or laying facing towards me so i had to work around shortening the body while still keeping it in proportion. Although after i did the laying down pose and went to a stood up pose i found it more difficult to draw the model face on as i couldnt work as much with depth.
I think the proportions worked quite well with this pose and i managed to get the body angle okay, the models head was looking far to the right so i dont think i got that down very well and couldve drawn in some of the face to show the angle of it more.

The pose was facing mostly towards me so i couldnt see the rest of the body as much just mainly the front of the face and arms. I managed to scale the body down towards the end to show perspective although at first i made the leg thicker than the arm so i had to correct this. I also tried to avoid going too dark with my mark making towards the end as it needed to be darker towards the front. I got some of the lines in that went around the body like down the back and around her hip, John recommended that i join the lines to split the body into shapes to give it a better sense of depth and it think it looks a lot better, it makes the body look more realistic and gives it shape.

For this one i thought i would struggle with the position of the right foot as it was angled away and flat on the side of her foot but i think it went okay and looks how i wanted it to. I tried to mark in the lines of light and dark instead of blending them i made them look quite graphic and contrasting. The shadows look quite bold im not sure if i like it or not, other sketches ive done with this technique have worked our alright once theyre finished and look quite dark and contrasting against the white paper.

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