Sunday, 7 April 2013

Nottingham Contemporary & New Art Exchange Visit

On my birthday on Thursday i went with Joe to see some galleries in Nottingham seeing as il be studying there soon! I was planning on going to the Surface Gallery as well but we had no money to get the tram so ended up walking everywhere...

Nottingham Contemporary

There was only really one room in the contemporary that i liked and it doesnt much relate to what i do but i thought Bryony might find it interesting so i took some photos. Its all made with foam which is then painted.
Piero Gilardi
Collaborative Effects

John Newling
Ecologies of Value
Im not sure which artist this one was by it might of still been Piero Gilardis work but it was in a seperate room and had a projection onto the wall of the birds view and you had to sit down and move the bird to change its view. I think i might of broken it though because it stopped moving....
The New Art Exchange
Realism in Rawiya
All female collective

This video i took in the gallery room upstairs, im still unsure what it is i think its part of a factory machine.


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