Friday, 12 April 2013

Updated Statement of Intent

Since doing my statement of intent ive done a lot of research to hopefully help broaden my ideas because im scared ill do what i did last year and panic and stick with my original idea of materials and stuff which isnt good...instead of sticking rigidly with my basic idea and materials so that i definitely have an end piece this year im just going to go with the flow and enjoy it!

I still like my original idea of language and how the body performs within it from making the body casts of 2 people as though they were sat having a conversation. It looks like a snapshot of a small moment in time like an impression or reaction of an unseen movement/conversation. Similar to photographs theyre often staged to represent what you want to be seen and remembered but might not what actually happened. It makes me laugh seeing peoples smiles when theyre forcing them for a photo, they look awkward and theyre body looks uncomfortable. From this idea it lead me onto conflicting and contradictory body language where the signals and messages get confused to real emotion and portrayed emotion.

For materials i want to mimic skin and the body but in an abstract form so to exaggerate or dilute the portrayed emotion. I really want to use bold colour in the this project that stands out, because its the body i dont want to stick to neutral skin tones to make it look sexual or serious like Marci Rubins work. Although i like the materials and the tones work well with it, i dont want to repeat whats usually done when showing the body and skin. My first idea is to use tights as it immediately makes you think of skin without even the presence of the body, but its also a feminine material that you dont associate with men. However i think that if the shapes i make are masculine and feminine it will contrast and further confuse the message and language which i want.

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