Wednesday, 11 September 2013

All Fur Coat No Knickers Exhibition

This exhibition was kind of a mixture of some of the artists from F.B.I, it was good to see some of Jons work from what I'd seen in pictures.

I really like how the exhibition was curated and lead you around although it was only in a small space. The performance type piece as you walked in made you look through a window into a room of a girl sleeping heavily medicated. There was another woman dressed all in black with a white painted face sat eerily watching the girl sleeping in silence. One person at a time was allowed in and there was a strong smell of some type of herb or flowe. When I walked into the room I felt instantly uncomfortable and said ohh it smells nice! Obviously no one replied so I felt even more awkward and uncomfortable. The piece was about how you are closest to death when asleep in a strange state of conscious and unconsciousness which actually really made me scared to go to sleep that night! 

Another piece was a really amazing looking cake that made everyone say that they want some, reminding you of birthdays or just the taste of sugar and niceness. Then a hazard sign saying it contained human blood contrasting the grotesque with being desirable. However a lot of people weren't phased and still wanted a piece curious to see what it tasted like, including myself!

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