Saturday, 7 September 2013

The Tee Pee Tickle

Last Tuesday night I went to a performance at the ArtSpace in Worksop performed by my teachers from college and a few other previous students that are part of The Frank Bobbins Institute ( FBI)

Safe to say it was a strange night, I expected some level of weird but it really made me laugh and I wish I could of gone to previous performances! It's located right next to the pub which is also very convenient. 

When we sat down on some lovely sofas in the studio with tents set up, we were given scrunched up paper and I was hoping I could just sit relaxing and throwing paper at people but in the end got involved. I still don't really know what happened or why but it was really fun to just be stupid and piss about! 

There's an exhibition at the space next Tuesday which I'm gonna get down to, it's so good to see work being shown in my town even if it is tucked away. The only arty thing we have is a craft shop which sells nice paintings and does craft workshops which is a bit dated and stale...I'm so glad that there's a new group of people trying to bring fresh work to Worksop and inspire people instead of having to travel to more built up towns and cities. Worksops kind of been forgotten and is only known for being the fattest town in England and being a drug capital which is very true...but it gives me hope that creative people can enjoy things in Worksop. 

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