Saturday, 7 September 2013

I Don't Like To Admit It But...

...My work closely relates to fashion, I dont know why I dont like admitting this! I dont necessarily like 'trends' or make patterns and work with patterns and fabric, but I like how materials interact with the body and change its perception which you could clothing. ARGH! I battled with this a lot during my FMP at college and really wanted to avoid fashion and design at all costs, I really discovered a different type of 'wearable art' that Id never seen before that kind of blurs the line between being wearable and sculpture.

I do reference a lot of fashion in my work but the end product is far from clothing id say...but this does give me another area of research that I enjoy. Heres some fashiony artists Ive been looking at recently, their material manipulation, subject matter and how they work around the body I find really interesting.

Vanessa Schindler

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