Monday, 21 April 2014


So I had an epiphany about presenting my work, well someone told me how to do it...Originally, I wanted to print an image onto either A1 or A2 pieces of paper but obviously it was going to cost a lot of money and I couldnt think of anything simpler because I got so caught up in what I was doing. My friend then suggested I use a projector which is free and now seems to obvious! It also means I can create an even larger image, depending on the size of the room I have to use. Its hard not to get blinded and over complicated because you dont assume its going to be simple...

I have a few ideas of how I can project my image, here are a few...

Because Im looking at the shift between 2D and 3D I really wanted to use a 2D surface but in a way that creates volume and submersion. I also really like the virtual quality of projection and that it relays in image that isnt actually there. I feel this really fits with the digital/ virtual aspect of my work, also the image can be manipulated and affected by outside variables such as a faulty flickering projector or people walking infront of the image and vibrations of people walking around.

I really like the second image as its using minimal 'tangible' materials but also forces people to walk into and interact with the projection creating ephemeral states that cant be captured again. It also creates volume within the room and an emersive experience you dont usually get from a 2D image. The problem would be fixing projectors into the right places and safely which il have to look into. For this I could instead project the image onto the cieling and wall altering the angle of the projection. It would also work projecting onto fabric to create a sectioned off space. Also if im going to use 2 projectors I i dont want to use 2 laptops so will need to book projectors that can run on USB sticks, im going to follow a tutorial from this website

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