Friday, 25 April 2014

Projector Plans

I've been playing around with the projectors Ive hired out and tried a few different layouts. It all depends on the room (where the plug sockets are, how big is the room, is the ceiling smooth etc.) as to where and the size I can project. I cant actually get into the room right now but u have a feeling the ceiling has pipes all down it...which is a bit annoying. Also Ive been searching for a plinth but theyve all dissapeared so Im really worried im going to have to use a table which is going to look really naff and like a powerpoint presentation in a classroom. HOWEVER, I will find a way to avoid this. Here's some pictures of different layouts, ignore the fact its in my bedroom!

 These next 3 images I tried adding a square or circle mirror to reflect a really magnified area on the ceiling or back wall. I like how using minimal materials I can fill a room using positive and negative space, also the shapes they create and how they show the pixels from the image as though its been over stretched and processed. Im going to go buy some different size mirrors and play around with positioning them, however, Id have to either place the mirror high or low as it could be reflecting straight back at the viewers and hurt their eyes.

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