Monday, 21 April 2014

Reflections: Between Object and Image

Here's one of the videos I've edited to go into my documentation. The short videos I filmed a while ago on my phone but wasnt too sure what i was going to do with them, I made them into GIFs and really liked the aesthetic of it. Because Ive been looking at projections Ive been thinking about projecting a video so decided to try the GIFs I made, when I was watching the videos back I could see a slight reflection of my myself within the image and thought it might work quite well together. I liked that it was a different way for me to layer images and video leading on from what i learnt from the 'between object and image' workshop. I also really liked how when you filmed a screen it would create lines and colours against the pixels on the screen so I decided to film the screen with my reflection to create a 'selfie'. These were only small experiments and I didnt intend them to be used towards anything but really liked how they turned out. These arent the fully edited versions because it was too large to upload but the fully edited will be made into a smaller screen (cutting out the writing from a screenshot video program I used as my video editing software wouldnt take GIFs) and with no audio.

Through editing the video and pausing sections I found really nice still images that capture the screen and the reflections on it. Again Im not sure what il use these towards...

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